Programming two MCUs via SWD, per board



  • Jeremy Wood

    There are a couple of ways to achieve this.

    One option would be to include switching on your PPC that allows the PLT to choose which MCU the SWD lines are connected to.

    Another option would be to use a ST-Link programmer with the STM32G4, and the PLTs built-in SWD interface with the PSoC6.

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  • Jeremy Wood

    Ted Kuhn We've added some more capabilities to PLT-OS to address this issue.

    The PLTs built-in SWD interface is provided by an onboard FTDI GPIO/UART adapter. In PLT-OS 1.9.10, it is now possible to target a FTDI module or chip that's connected externally via USB. By including a FTDI module (FT4232H-56Q MINI MDL) on the PPC, more SWD, JTAG, or UART instances can be added as needed.

    As part of this, the new release also allows the "interface" on a specific adapter to be specified. This is required for adapters like the FTDI FT4232 which have more than 1 channel.  This allows you to use the "JTAG" interface on PLT-300 as a second SWD.

    Here's what the command to use the JTAG interface as SWD would look like:

    - command: program STM32G4 firmware.hex
    interface: "2"

    Note that you would also need to put a 470Ohm resistor between the JTAG TDI and TDO pins, to turn them into SWDIO, as seen in this example of how the FTDI SWD interface works:


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